Global Underground
Global+UndergroundGlobal Underground is proud to be part of the inaugural Skye Land Festival in Athens in Greece on 31st July 2016.
The event will be part of GU’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations and GU will be bringing some of the most exciting emerging DJ talent from across the globe including the new GU signing to our nubreed series Iranian DJ and Producer Habischman to our GU stage on July 31st at Skye Land.
About Global Underground:
The iconic British label’s series of DJ mix albums from the likes of Sasha, Solomun, Carl Cox, and many more, has helped define electronic music culture from the mid 1990s onwards and symbolised the explosion of international dance music. Featuring beautifully shot photography and extensive sleevenotes, the album releases have become collectors’ items, with many currently exchanged for significant sums online.
The GU ‘Cities’ series was the first to put DJs on album covers and helped propel many of those featured to international acclaim. Global Underground also broke new ground by visiting worldwide destinations and putting a spotlight on their nascent club scenes, at a time when international dance music was pocketed across a handful of territories.

Global Underground’s high-profile media campaigns reached beyond international dance media, and the label were the first to get DJs like John Digweed into the Los Angeles Times, or Sasha into the UK edition of The Times. Global Underground’s first DVD featured over two hours of international footage, including a documentary filmed for Channel 4 that reached over 2 million viewers when it was originally broadcast in 2000.